Alard De Smidt is a seasoned D.O.P with hundreds of commercials, films, documentaries and other projects under his belt.

Alard began his journey in the film industry as an assistant grip, climbing the ladder to become a Key Grip before realizing his true passion lay behind the camera. Taking a leap of faith, he reset his career, starting afresh in the camera department as a loader and steadily advancing his way up.

His breakthrough came when he landed a remarkable opportunity to work as an operator for Keith Rose on top-notch South African and international commercials. This experience propelled him towards a flourishing career as a successful Director of Photography.

Alard’s readiness to embrace novelty is evident, rooted in his background as a grip, which uniquely equips him to challenge conventional norms.

Thriving amidst challenging shoots in various locations...

Alard demonstrates exceptional skill across genres such as Food, Beauty, Fashion, Cars, Performance, and Animals.

His expertise shines particularly in specialized areas like Underwater, aerial, and other technical shoots, showcasing his mastery in intricate and demanding cinematography.

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